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 Since 1996

Hello and thanks for visiting our website today. The Holistic was founded in 1996 when our journey on Holistic Health began.

We are an ordinary family that wants to share what we have learned in our holistic endeavors with folks like yourself.  The holistic modalities are vast and growing more and more everyday.

We have designed this website around you. We’d like to be good stewards and help you on your holistic quest. On this website you will find many products for sale to help you in your journey.

When we first started in 1996 our motto was “The Who’s Who of the Holistic” and today we’d like to continue to build on that motto and help people connect with other people, product and services that revolve around Holistic Health.

Again, we’d like to thank you for blessing us with your visit today and if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask. We may not always know the answer, but we can sure help you find it.

Please bookmark our website www.theholistic.com and share it with your friends so we can continue to share The Holistic with the world.

Love & Blessings,

The Bell Family

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The Holistic name was chosen because we wanted to be the One source for all you holistic health needs. From Holistic Medicine to Holistic Health for your Pet.

We started off as a Holistic Directory and over the years were unable to maintain it as much as we’d like. We are working on bringing back The Holistic Directory and when we do, we hope you will visit us again and refer your holistic practitioners to be listed on the site.

The Holistic was on the cutting edge in 1996 and has had it’s up’s and downs. It’s had a life of its own and now it… like us are being reborn and refreshed and ready for a bright new future.

We ask for your support, as your support will help to grow The Holistic to be to something for everyone. If we can help one person a day to get the holistic health they need, then we have succeed and you will become part of that success as a supporter.

If you have a product or service you’d like The Holistic to share with our community then please contact us. That goes for Holistic Practitioners as well.

Today in this very moment, we are one.

Thank for your support!